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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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I was not such

Lets turn our reasonings on ° and we will consider that label of shyness appears before the shyness.Here notes letney the women speaking in support of such point of view.I consider myself timid.I was not such until in seven years the teacher told that I am meek creature.Since then I feel reticent and I am afraid to be rejected.We constantly hang up labels on other people, on our feelings and ourselves.Labels the convenient, simplified approach: it the Norwegian, it very thick, they boring people, we proud, at me is a bad figure.


Treating with understanding to their problems, we facilitate them understanding of life of the adult world.Supporting their attempts to egotrip, we encourage them to be more sociable, being thus oneself.Our unconditional love given sincerely and freely is necessary for much of them then they will be able to understand that them love such what they are.Force on which our power keeps, has two parties: we are capable to cause shyness the inattention and we can reduce it, having provided so necessary to the child support.


At repeated carrying out game a doll Masha hides under different subjects.Arrangement of furniture and, respectively, the plan of the room can be also changed.The quantity of subjects should not exceed six.GAME BE NOT MISTAKEN!Equipment: ball.Occupation course.The teacher suggests children to remember where they have the right hand, and to lift it.Then he speaks: All subjects which you see in that party where the right hand, are on the right.

The hedgehog

There passed week, went to a hedgehog to see the former wife.It did not find it in the house of a hedgehog.The hedgehog complained I will fish: Boringly to live with your wife!.Then stroked himself on a stomach and added: But for dinner it was good!.In this word Zh it is said as Highway.In this word Ch it is said as Highway.MEAN JOKE The pasha was the big joker, Only it not always had kind jokes Kakto saw Pasch at the house little Masha.

The most difficult

The most difficult task to establish the first loading for the kid.It should not be weak because then it is not effective; it should not be excessively strong stressful as it is known that the stress suppresses immunity, and we are faced by the return task to strengthen it.What is the immunity?What is the immunity and what its role in an organism?The immune system of the person distinguishes all harmful and alien substances getting into an organism and creates protection against viruses and bacteria, prevents development of cancer cells.


Some will not answer, but in most cases you receive a smile and friendly words in reply.Anonymous talk Convenient way for acquisition of practical colloquial skills to begin quiet conversations with strangers in public places, for example: in shops at theaters on political receptions waiting for an appointment on sporting events in bank in church in library You can begin conversation with banal statements, for example: The movie has to be good, time it so long lasts.Here it is so awful, you do not know more convenient place?


On consultation to it always huge turn record is kept for some months.Already the third generation of children of grandsons of the first patients is observed by Ada Mikhaelovna.Not only professionalism, but also personal interest in each patient are appreciated in Ada Mikhaylovna by her adherents.The qualified professional, the remarkable person would seem, unless it is not enough?But Ada Mikhaylovna has some more remarkable qualities among which I will mark out only two.

As a result

And the condition of the kid will worsen as indigestion which can be caused by the most various reasons a reforage, overheating, the wrong purpose of a feeding up, substandard products and, at last, an infection remains.As a result in the th day of lack of a chair the state can worsen again, there will be already high temperature and on its background symptoms of even more considerable damage of a digestive tract.How much time you need not to feed the child?How much time you need not to feed the child?

Perhaps, Mrs. Norton


However all these strong qualities sometimes are shown in unjustified roughness and sharpness.Frequent fieriness is replaced by repentance.Positive Venus is ready to present to the terrestrial representative peaceful character, charming appearance and ability to soften contradictions.The person who was born under the sign of the Taurus carries such lines.But you should not take such people for melancholiacs or passive positivists.By no means.


Are not born the timid, become them.The hereditary factor of manifestation of shyness is minimum.Therefore try to protect the kid from captivity of shyness and constraint.Present it beautifully sounding name, with worthy value and the melodious reduced option.Chapter Calendar names There is one more tradition of a name of the kid.It is inherited by us from ancestors and recognized as the most rational at a name choice.It is about calendar compliance of names.

If the child

It is necessary to rub off in the beginning a breast and a back, then handles, the lower half of a body.The rag moistened with cold water with vinegar is put on a forehead.It is possible to repeat rubdown each , hours.If the child sweats, it is necessary to change every time linen.It is necessary to watch also that the child was not perekutan.You rub off the child, and temperature does not decrease or through kakoyeto time rises again?It is very probable as the organism continues to struggle with an illness.

This extreme

As it will be shown below, the most part of children nevertheless visit the majority of lessons pretty regularly, but, really, at school there was once a pupil who in years did not visit one lesson, and now he is the specialist in production of exact tools.This extreme case is given here to show that freedom which is provided to children at this school original, her do not select even then when she leads to so strange results.The school, however, lives not by the anarchist principles at all.

For example: letters

In such situation smyslorazlichitelny value can have each element of a letter, and also its arrangement in space.For example: letters G and P have an identical element a vertical straight line, and differ with the second element located in the top right field of rather vertical straight line: in a letter G it is a horizontal straight line, and in a letter P a semioval.At letters P and H all three elements the identical: two vertical and one horizontal straight line.

Other therapy

You should not enter into food in the first days of an illness after starvation dairy and meat products.It is better to give to the kid within several days bezmolochny porridges, compotes, crackers.Against recovery at a normal chair it is gradually possible to enter habitual food.Other therapy has to be appointed together with the attending physician depending on a cause of illness and weight of a condition of the child.Allergic diseases and starvation In the presence of chronic diseases of the indication for starvation allergic pathology is first of all.

Do so from

Exhale deeply within seconds, present that with an exhalation all negative things thoughts, diseases in your body leave you.Then inhale deeply within seconds, present that with a breath positive space energy is included into you.Then hold the breath for seconds, present that you are now completely healthy are cured, cured.Do so from to minutes.After that you can go to bed.Many people who recovered, using this method.Somebody cured lung cancer.

At the same

In this connection it should be noted that the few children remain at school after they are years old though as though nothing interferes with it.At school is and there were before extremely capable and clever children, and it is doubtful that in the academic plan Sammerkhill gave them everything that was necessary.At the same time where teaching is put well, excellent work is available.An outstanding sample occupations by art.It would be difficult for us to define, whether there are any considerable distinctions between drawings of pupils of Sammerkhill and children from other, more traditional schools, but it is necessary to recognize these works good to any measures.

The foundation

The foundation of this direction is laid in works of S.Orton, R.E.Levina, L.F.Spirova, G.V.Chirkina, A.V.Yastrebova and developed by T.A.Altukhova, R.I.Lalayeva, M.Snowling, J.Stackhouse, etc.According to representations of these authors, the dyslexia can be considered as a consequence of deficiency of speech processing or, on Englishspeaking terminology, phonologic processing.

Ice on the sun that

.Ice what?.Weather what?.Snowflakes in the winter that do?fall, curl, turned, sparkle, shine, thaw.Ice on the sun that does?.Frost that does?.Children on winter walk that do?.Blizzard that does?.Exercise Help Tana: Choose winter clothes, footwear, headdresses and paint them with colored pencils.Tell that you dress in the winter.Vanya looked forward to approach of winter.

If you present

They need especially to bear easier, fresh names, it is obligatory with value of light, heat and brightness.If you present to the child the name inducing it to action giving it optimism and emotionality, you will bring up the successful and happy person.Undoubtedly, each child identity.To foresee degree of its emotionality, effectiveness or indifference to everything till its birth it is very difficult.And in the first months of his life of mother and father sometimes is not able to understand, what character at their kid.

Where exercise

Vovtorykh, the teacher together with the child considers seeds of these plants and defines, whose what.Only after that the kid starts independent sorting.Where exercise In orphanages of Maria Montessori in Moscow was applied.Material passes an approbation stage.Date TREES.LEAVES.FRUITS Age years The exercise purpose To learn leaves and fruits of the corresponding trees; to learn that some trees have no fruits.Material Box with two offices.

The postoyannost

At what moment of a hardening there is such change of reaction of vessels in month, half a year or week?Each child has it individually.The postoyannost of influence for achievement of the greatest effect of a hardening and gradual not sharp is necessary!increase of its intensity.If to stop on the same intensity of loading, for example, to water the child constantly with water of the same temperature, without reducing it, or to carry out procedures seldom several times a month, the effect from such hardening will not be.

In too time

Close eyes and deeply inhale.Now inhale so deeply as will be able.Exhale as it is possible more strongly.Again inhale.Inhale collect so much oxygen, how many will be able.In too time present as a large amount of positive energy passes through yours of a foot.When you exhale, present that all negative energy leaves your body.Repeat this exercise a breath and an exhalation ten times, without forgetting to represent about energy.As soon as you do it, you will become quiet and relaksirovanny holidaymaker.

Punishment: they

Two boys threw the earth in others.Punishment: they have to bring lands to level a hockey field.Quite often the chairman declares: Business too foolish that to discuss it and individually decides that about it anything it is not necessary to do.When our secretary was judged for that he took Gingers bicycle without demand, to it and two more employees who too were passed by this bicycle, was appointed to protolkat each other by this bicycle round the central bed on times.


At the beginning of training in reading tracing of letters and words, deduction of a line, transition from one line to another provide any movements of eyes.Unlike the involuntary movements regulated by subcrustal and back cortical departments parietal shares, any movements of eyes are carried out with the leading participation of forward departments of a brain , Thus, as a psychophysiological basis of functional system of reading joint activity of various zones of a brain acts.Each of them makes the contribution to difficult process what reading is.

Here actions

Increase quantity of counters for memory development gradually.When the child is able to remember about forty counters, figurative memory of the child means developed.To develop the oneminute story, the child has to read very easy story within one minute, and write word for word.Here actions for studying to fast reading.The first, you need the text for fast reading.Aesops fables will approach.When he reads the story several times, within one minute, the story, for example from Aesops fables, let will close the book or the text and will write on memory that he just read.

In this process

When reading as a support for sound merge the vowel which carries out function of syllable formation serves and defines a pronunciation of the previous consonant.In this process an important role is played also by phonemic perception allocation of smyslorazlichitelny signs of phonemes.The child precisely to establish connection between a visible letter and that sound which it designates, has to be able to differentiate in oral speech akustikoartikulyatsionno similar sounds for example, to p, h t etc.

They often

This protective isolation becomes obvious in cafeteria of the students hostel where strangers are often compelled to sit together.The majority of the timid try to eat a bit earlier or later because around at this time will be to less people.They often sit down at the end of a table so that both lateral faces remain unoccupied, and attack can be expected only on the one hand.Some timid people build barriers, removing chairs from a table, occupying them with books or clothes.Others are fenced off by the book or the newspaper.

As a result, we hear

Visualization function.The right hemisphere resounds with the waves radiated from all things and then visualizes images of these things.Us constantly surround radio waves of various frequencies.When we adjust radio or the TV, it whether radio or the TV resounds with frequencies with the necessary radio waves, and there is a transmission of energy.As a result, we hear sounds and we see the image.It is called telepathy or a sound of soul.The right hemisphere resounds with fluctuations and thus registers at image.

Fig. Occupation

Turnip The trough

Teach him how independently to make maps of the familiar district.Garden riddles Also not the maid is red; Hvostata and not mouse.Carrots Itself ball And a tail under itself.Turnip The trough is full People it is washed.Between beds Lies it is smooth.Cucumber Though not fire, and is burned down.Nettle In the winter is not present more warmly, In the summer is not present more cold.Cellar The patch on a patch, is not sewed by the Needle.


Generally, it is plus much.However many see also shortcomings of calendar naming of children.Claim that imenosl on the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar it is very monotonous.It not absolutely so.Simply some of outdated forms of names not absolutely are suitable for modern realities, and difficult to live with a similar name to the child.But you can address in church arrival, there to you will prompt where it is possible to get the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar of the calendar for desirable year.

But before

We faced results of such training, developing the site on minerals.Albanit, chalcedony, elbait, sapphire, analtsy, vezuvianit, fluorite, marcasite … we already mentioned tens of these ridiculous names and exotic stones of fantastic flowers.But before coming to a conclusion about senselessness of such study, it became clear that children remembered by heart tens stones, and their visual memory became significantly better.And here at schools of doctor Shichida students are occupied with storing of instantly shown slides, however, it becomes in the weakened state, under the pickedup music, but the purpose is first of all training of the RIGHT HEMISPHERE of the BRAIN Americans call it for simplicity the right brain.


Really, the primitive fear from time to time leads women to a condition of shyness, fearfulness in relation to all men, whose force can potentially destroy their feelings and sexual sensitivity.It is obvious that not all timid men tyrants, however it is difficult for them to fight against the strong feelings.Patients of our clinic repeatedly denied existence at them hostile moods, however these feelings often emerged in their behavior.They told how they had to submit predominating in group to carry out desires of rough, aggressive people, to suffer superiority of low, worst authorities.

Where mistake? In an epicure

The passenger settled down on a folding bed, or the folding bed settled down on the passenger?OSHIBALKI On a masquerade the successor, the shepherd, the astronomer, the basketball player and the pool burst out laughing.Where mistake?In an epicure the rastrepa and excavation became angry a rasteryasha, the bungler.Where mistake?NAOBOROTKI Comb hair a felttip pen, and paint with a hairbrush?The fruit candy stepped on Nastya, or Nastya stepped on a fruit candy?

Will increase

will increase birth rate in the country?It is direct as in the movie Beware of the Car: But whether not to threaten to us on our William, so to speak, of Shakespeare?it is not necessary songs!Anything it WILL not be!Unfortunately, at us at the state level already entered tradition not to solve a problem in a root, and to be limited to half measures.It is simply national trouble!Personally at me does not raise doubts that these scanty sums for one future mummy will not be able cardinally to change a situation.

I again opened

I opened eyes and right there blinked.I in a face was shone by a Gestapo lamp.I again opened eyes and saw before myself many bright points.Having focused, I understood that it is ceiling lamps.They jumped, danced and ran here and there.As there is a lot of them!Pieces thirty, probably.In the head flashed: really the maternity hospital was ruined on such bright lighting?Having turned the head, I saw outlines of the person.

Texts were

Procedure I results skill Studying to a chta skill researches a niya at pupils a per Readings younger vykhchetverty class owls it was spent in porridges school students milk to age group with use of three texts: poems, rasskazadialoga and rasskazamonologa.Texts were taken from the manual of V.G.Guo rare, L.I.Tikunova Examinations on reading at elementary school , recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.Names of texts with the indication of number of words in each of them are presented in table Table Texts for inspection of skill of reading pupils of the first the fourth classes Class Poem Rasskazmonolog Rasskazdialog The first I.

However, it appeared

Was considered earlier that the right hemisphere works also as well as left.However, it appeared that the right hemisphere has surprising functions.Developing or as you develop the right hemisphere, boundless abilities can develop.Traditional methods of training involve only the left hemisphere.Actually, undeveloped human abilities belong are related to the right hemisphere.The left hemisphere consists of three levels measurements, a physical brain, work of the right hemisphere and spiritual level.

Schools, they

When the child loses ability to play, his soul dies, and he becomes dangerous to all children which face it.Teachers from Israel told me about the amazing communities existing there.Schools, they spoke part of a community, and its main objective is the hard work.As one of teachers told, tenyearold children sob if to them as punishment forbid to dig a kitchen garden.If to me the tenyearold child who sobbed met because to him forbade to dig potatoes, I would think that he mentally retarded.

The refined

Children willingly eat potato with sauerkraut, a pickle.If the child loves eggs, time dvatr in a week give him fried eggs.It is possible to offer boiled eggs, but not to give to them still kakiyeto a dish.The refined products and compensation of their harmful action It must be kept in mind that practically all food which we eat, consists of the refined products.This refined sunflower oil from which cleaned all useful substances, is a white flour from which vitamins disappeared.

Offers where is painted over circles.The following picture figure , then a circle where circles, i.e.sector from figure to figure as on hours etc.are painted over in the color already.Offers where words and cards are involved.At first there is a card with the The Ball is Red offer, and then the description: card with the word The the picture with a red ball the picture with a red circle.Things we do from rice that can be prepared from rice!


Martin Latin: devoted to Mars or aggressive, strong.Martyn the same, as Martin.Maryam Hebrew: bitter.Matvei Hebrew: Man of God, gift of God.Mahmoud Arab: nice, kind.Melenty Greek: careful.Menelaus Greek: the strong people.Merkul Latin: dealer.Mefodiy Greek: watching, searching for truth.Mecheslav Slavic: a nice sword.Mikifor the same, as Nikifor.In mile the Greek designation of the resident of Mileet.

Other party

You can see color because you have the third eye in the head, agreed?Now close eyes catch this color and tell, please, what it is color?And your child with ease will guess him.Now about clairvoyance.Here clairvoyance example: few months ago, in what that a Japanese garden children were engaged in ESP game.The teacher showed A sheet of paper.On one party of paper it was written the offer from the bible.Other party empty.Showing them, the empty party, the teacher asked: what there it is written?

Try. He tried. Two girls


It found an empty cockleshell.Opened its shutters and unhooked a worm.With the production the clever Small fish quickly disappeared in seaweed.HANDSOME FLY AGARIC The Fly agaric grew under a willow.He looked in a dewdrop at the reflection.Saw in it a red top with white peas and grew proud.Decided that it is the brightest, most beautiful mushroom.The Fly agaric began to sneer at other mushrooms.Syroyezhkamaloyeshka!

Unused connections

And the most essential opening is farther: DEVELOPMENT of the CHILD is DEFINED as far as in the first three years two hemispheres are supplied cross with a network of wires.Unused connections which are estimated in unit with a set of zero disappear.In three years of such temporary communications some trillions to us not to comprehend mind this number, but it is twice more, than at the adult!Lack of stimulation of a brain in the first months and years of life leads to irreversible decrease in potential of a brain.

In the plans

And what they made vain attempts, perhaps?Recognition to the administration In this pregnancy I decided not to repeat youth errors and to try not to speak at work about the interesting situation for the time being.I did not want at all that the inevitable disappointment from this news was thrown then and on me personally.In the plans I wanted to present all with a fait accompli month for two to the decree.But And this time it did not turn out to delay recognition!

In certain

Type D is involved when exist estrangement, disagreements, disapproval, confusion, criticism and hostility.In certain cases the type of behavior D is barriers which others have to want to overcome before warmth of type C is shown.In other cases the timid person sends two messages at the same time, it seems: Leave.You are necessary to me.It can be and involuntarily, like that we will always wound those whom we love.Or it can be protection tactics, as in the story of the young man: I feel strong need for attachment confirmation.


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